Weekly report 7

This week I finished my author’s purpose unit. Author’s purpose is the 3 main reasons for writing which is to entertain, inform, persuade, I wrote a paragraph about how the 3 reasons fit together. Something else we did in project wonder is that we made posters for the 4 rules of project wonder which are rule 1 is “give your best effort.” Rule 2 is “respect the classroom and others.” Rule 3 is “keep your learning community happy.” Rule 4 is “keep up for yourself.” Next week I hope to finish my middle ages evaluating a source unit.

Weekly Review 5

This week I worked on the units 4Cs, Author’s Purpose, Effective Speaking. The 4Cs are about creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration. Author’s Purpose is an Author’s main reason for writing which is Entertain, Inform, and Persuade. Effective speaking is when you try to speak louder without yelling or shouting. I also went to Blue Mountain for a field trip, we snow tubed and had to do an experiment which was to record the times of people going down the slope. Next week I hope to finish my level 4 for the Middle Ages unit.

Weekly review 4

This week Jacob and I made a slide show which had a bunch of facts about the middle ages and feudalism including what knights wear, different types of villages, the rankings of the citizens in the middle ages. We are also making models of castles, dungeons, villages, horses in Minecraft, we are doing this because we both have experience with Minecraft and also we think that the middle ages were a very interesting time. Next week I hope I can work on a new unit called Areas of History.

Weekly review 3

This week Jacob Watson and I worked on the Middle Ages unit, we made a slideshow showing the people, places, objects, and Diseases including  Marco Polo, Richard I of England, Europe, The Black Plague, and swords, arrows, armor, and more. Jacob and I are also either going to make a lego model of a village including castle villagers and small houses or we will draw on a poster board to make a village.

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1vILjfmpWV2Gs6pjfZDPu0pkW1rk_6jaorZXEqkX8s7s/edit#slide=id.p     <———-For the middle ages slide show

Rube Goldberg

My group and I were assigned to create our very own Rube Goldberg machine, Our Rube Goldberg machine started as a marble going down a small wooden ramp, next, as the marble moved down the ramp it would hit a book, which made the books in front of it to fall (like dominos), lastly, the books fell onto a roll of tape which rolled off the table and made a can of lima beans spill out to finish our Rube Goldberg machine.